Occasional Ringer Sign-Up Form 2021

Are you a returning LSL player looking to play extra ad hoc fixtures this year? Complete the form on this page to be added to our Occasional Ringers List! Then, when captains complete our Occasional Ringer Finder form, you will get an email notification and, should you be willing and eligible to play that fixture, you can contact the team directly.

Points to Note

Who can register: You can be added to our Occasional Ringers List whether you are rostered to an LSL team or not. If you are rostered to an LSL team, this season’s ringer rules will apply.

Beginner/New to the League: If you are a beginner or haven’t played in the London Softball League, please contact the New Players’ Officer instead of completing this form; this form is only for those familiar with our League and with confirmed suitable playing experience.

Looking for a Regular Team: If you are also looking for a regular team to join, please visit our Regular Team Finder page as well. You are able to register to a team and be an occasional ringer.

Privacy: All details submitted via this form will be stored on a password-protected database and will not be shared with teams directly. Details will be deleted once the season has ended.

Email: As this is new, we are not sure how frequently captains will request ringers, but there is potential for you to receive notifications on a daily basis (or more). Please therefore consider setting up a separate email account if you wish for registering to the Occasional Ringers List.

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    Division(s) willing and eligible to play in

    Positions willing to play

    Pitches willing to play at

    Still Looking?

    For those on Facebook, you can also join our Wanted group where captains may also post ringer requests. (Note that not everyone is on Facebook so you may miss out on a great ringer opportunity if you only look there!)