Credit: Kieron Helsdon


Umpiring is a crucial aspect of softball, and the knowledge, experience and confidence of the umpires plays a key role in everyone’s enjoyment the game.

The London Softball League are committed to sustaining a high standard of umpiring, and we feel that improving knowledge throughout the league can only benefit the sport and its players.

All LSL games are played according to a consistent set of Rules, which are freely available to all.

Each season, every team is assigned a number of umpiring duties*. Failure to fulfil these assignments will result in a penalty.

All games in the top two Majors divisions must be officiated by two umpires. LSL also recommend this practice in all other divisions.

Each year, LSL organises a number of Umpire training courses.

All teams must send representatives to an officially recognised clinic. This is to ensure consistency across the league and to increase the pool of qualified umpires.

Umpires, players and coaches alike may find it useful to download the LSL Rules Help Sheets, which are intended to give league members a brief guide to some of the more common rules.

The league has a Technical Officer who oversees all matters relating to umpiring & rules, and adjudicates on any protests or disputes.

* First-year teams are not expected to umpire.