Complete the following forms if you have a fixture that requires a ringer(s) or umpire. Once submitted, the LSL Committee will distribute the fixture details and your contact details to all those on our ringer/umpire mailing lists.

NOTE: The committee will aim to send regular emails of these opportunities, usually once at the weekend and once mid-week. However, we cannot guarantee it will be advertised before your fixture takes place, particularly if your form is submitted less than 72 hours before the date of the fixture. An opportunity will only be advertised once per submission – you may resubmit the form if you require an additional notice of a specific opportunity.

Ringer Finder Form

    Number of male/non-binary players needed

    Position(s) required for male/non-binary players

    Number of female/non-binary players needed

    Position(s) required for female/non-binary players

    Umpire Finder Form