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The London Softball League (LSL) is London’s premier mixed gender slowpitch softball league. With six divisions of teams ranging from beginner to top competitive levels, playing home and away fixtures at a variety of locations across London on weeknights from April to August.


Slowpitch softball is a similar sport to baseball, played with even numbers of male and female participants. The term ‘slowpitch’ comes from the fact that the start of each play is with a gentle, looping ‘slow pitch’ from the pitcher, rather than the hard throw found in baseball or fastpitch softball. At the highest level, it is an elite sport, with individuals representing Great Britain. Teams in the lower divisions enjoy competitive co-ed sport, in a friendly and welcoming environment.


For people who are new to the sport or who would like further coaching, the LSL offers Softball 101 (development) nights throughout the summer. These focus on the basics of softball, learning how to hit, throw, and catch, taking part in drills, tactics, and friendly game play, with no experience or equipment necessary. Every year, a new LSL team forms from last year’s 101 cohort.

For more information and updates, visit our Facebook group and sign up for our mailing list.

Credit: Softball 101

Experienced Players
For experienced players looking to join a team this season, fill out the new players form. We’ll try to match players with teams recruiting for the season ahead.

For more information, join our Facebook group or contact our New Players Officer

Credit: Kieron Helsdon

Whole Teams
If you have enough like-minded friends and work colleagues and wish to start a team, please get in touch! We accept new teams before each season, and they can join at the bottom of the Majors or Minors half of our structure.

Credit: Kieron Helsdon